Eco Worm Delights


Do you need food for your worms, but you do not have enough kitchen scraps?  Our Eco Worm Delights are the answer.

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Eco Worm Delights

Use Eco Worm Delights as your Eisenia fetida worms’ replacement food. It comes in handy for days when you have no kitchen waste to feed them. Add this food to your worm farm as often as you deem necessary.

Dietary requirements for Eisenia fetida (red wiggler worms):

  • Worms can eat their body weight of food every day. They need a constant supply of fresh food.
  • Do not overfeed your worms.
  • 50% of a worm’s diet consists of their bedding alone.  Ensure that their bedding is moist, full of oxygen, and filled with all the correct nutrients they need.  
  • Do not feed the worms any decaying food. It will attract maggots to your worm farm.
  • Chop all food finely before feeding it to your worms. Worms have no teeth and suck on their food. Butternut and squash are an exception.
  • Spanspek, watermelon, and diced cucumber are firm favourites.
  • Do not feed the worms potato peels. It turns brown in a couple of hours and becomes acidic.
  • Remember no garlic, chili, citrus, or onions.
  • When you go away on holiday, cut butternut in two and place the halves face down in the worm farm. It will provide your worms with food for approximately two weeks.


Bag dimensions: 18 x 10 x 30 cm


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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 30 cm


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