TimTam Macramé Plant Hanger


This TimTam Macramé Plant Hanger will steal your heart. The simplicity of this design is eye-catching while being young and playful.

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TimTam Macramé Plant Hanger 

This little plant hanger will steal your heart. The simplicity of this design is eye-catching. The small TimTam Macramé Plant Hanger is handmade with 3 mm 100 % locally sourced cotton. It is so attractive while being young and playful. Our Macramé hangers pair perfectly with cascading plants, like the string of pearl succulent, and have a wooden ring for easy hanging.

Indoor plants can transform any room into a relaxed and peaceful haven while absorbing Carbon Dioxide and ensuring that Oxygen flow increases. A bedroom with plants is far better than one without. With plants in your bedroom, you may have a better night’s rest due to the additional oxygen produced.

Size: 55 cm in length

Colour: cream

Pot not included

A proudly South African product. Be sure to view all our Macramé plant hangers for sale. 

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 14 cm


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