Tutus Loco Bee Hotel Activity Kit

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Packaged in a colourful and recyclable hard cardboard box, this Bee Hotel Activity Kit encourages children, through decorating their own bee hotel, to: develop a love for nature; learn about the importance of pollinators; get creative and have fun with nature; and contribute to conservation of solitary bees.

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Tutus Loco Bee Hotel Activity Kit

Our Bee Hotel Activity Kit is the perfect gift for a special young friend

  • The kit comes packaged in a colourful and recyclable sturdy cardboard box.
  • It encourages kids through decorating their bee hotel, too:
      • develop a love for nature
      • learn about the importance of pollinators
      • get creative and have fun with nature
      • and contribute to the conservation of solitary bees.

So what is included in your Bee Hotel Activity Kit?

1 x 15cm long blank untreated pine bee hotel

Decorating elements (2 x water-soluble paints, paintbrush, sandpaper, stick-on bugs/bees, chimney)

1 x fun ‘I love bees’ pin badge

1 x activity booklet, instruction manual, and information brochure

All you need to supply is glue and time.

Where is the best place to hang your Bee Hotel once decorated pretty and ready to receive visitors?

  • In a spot that gets early morning sunshine. Solitary bees are cold-blooded and need a bit of warmth.
  • The eggs may overheat if you hang your hotel in the direct, hot, noon sun.
  • If your hotel is in a windy spot, it can result in the bees being disturbed and feeling stressed.
  • The untreated wood may rot if your hotel is not hanging in a dry location.
  • Hang it so kids can observe the whole breeding process. That said, any height will do.

How soon before you can expect some visitors?

It takes about two weeks for the first visitor to move in.  Also, remember that the winter months will be quieter. Young bees will usually emerge in Spring.  Once you receive your first visitor, pat yourself on the back, you are a bee hero!

 The bee hotel DIY kit is a perfect craft project for children between 4 and 10 years old. We recommend adult assistance for younger children.

Please note paint colour options are available and can be selected in the drop-down when ordering.

Tutus Loco is a proudly South African company.  Be sure to look at the Single Short and Single Medium Bee Hotels in their range too.

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