Ranging from composting buckets to bee hotels, Gardening Gone Wild strives to provide products that will change your garden into a paradise. In other words, products that are sustainable and planet-friendly. Isn’t it a great feeling, knowing that you are using compost that you have created from scratch? Thus, eliminating food waste filling our landfills? Knowing that you are attracting and protecting our pollinators will surely put a smile on your face. We love to be part of your journey!
At Gardening Gone Wild, we believe that your garden is your sanctuary. We proudly source our products from local, like-minded suppliers. Our goal is to add new and exciting products to our range regularly. Ultimately, we endeavor to provide the best service to our valued customers.

Our Story

Gardening Gone Wild was created by a mum of two, who often escapes to her garden to find sanity in the busy world we live in.   During the first months of lockdown, she realized more than ever how important it is to be outside, in touch with nature, busy planting her veggies, while soaking up the sun.  

She grew up in the beautiful Tsitsikamma, from which she still draws loads of inspiration. Ever since her mother passed away, she dreamt of starting a gardening business in her honour. Her mom was an avid gardener who raised her children close to nature.  Thus, instilling a love thereof that is so precious.

In the 30 years of gardening, she often encountered challenges with bushbuck eating her well-loved roses, porcupine feasting on her newly planted avo trees, and moles digging up her lawns.  She believes in always finding ways to co-exist with nature and finding solutions that are not harmful in any way.

Changing small habits can have a huge impact.  It is a ripple effect.  The more good you do, the more people will follow your example.  We are therefor striving to provide affordable ways in which you can change your gardening habits.

My garden is the one place I always feel inspired and grateful. Being so close to nature is the best medicine for the soul.
Juanita van Rooyen
Founder, Owner
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