Upcycled Plastic Planters from Plasticity


Standard, Large and X-Large planters are made from plastic waste which is fused into sheets of a new upcycled plastic material.

Plasticity’s Upcycled Plastic Planters

Plasticity’s recycled or upcycled plastic planters are handmade in-house from the waste collected by local recyclers from a Karoo town in the Eastern Cape. This province has the highest rate of unemployment, which is close to 50 % at present. Making these planters creates valuable job opportunities in a small community. When you purchase one of these planters, you not only join the fight against plastic waste, but you are also helping a mother or father to feed their families.

Sheets of fused plastic result in charming planters, perfect for all indoor plants.

Indoor plants transform any room and set the mood for relaxation, contributing to a happy and restful ambiance. They absorb Carbon Dioxide and keep the oxygen in a room flowing. Plants also purify the air by removing toxins. It is a known fact that having plants in your home can reduce stress and prevent illness.

Other benefits of having plants in your home:

  • Working with plants can be therapeutic
  • Plants may boost your productivity
  • House plants can improve your concentration

The recycled plastic planters are available in 3 sizes, Standard, Large and X-Large.

Planter specifications:

Colour: Marble black

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Planter size

Mini, Standard, Large, XL


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