Window Birdfeeder from Victory Feeders


The window birdfeeder from Victory feeders is perfect for bird-lovers with little to no garden for hanging bird feeders or with bad eyesight. It is easy to fill.

Window Birdfeeder from Victory Feeders

This unique window birdfeeder is perfect for bird-lovers having little to no garden to hang a bird feeder. Stick this feeder to any window. Cats will not reach it easily as they can’t climb glass. The feeders are weatherproof and tested in windy conditions.

It is perfect for people with eyesight problems and very easy to fill.

The story of Victory Feeders:

Victory Feeders is an employment project for people who need skills and work to bridge a gap when unemployed and without income. The founder of Victory Feeders, inspired by a man who rang her doorbell when he just needed a helping hand and was desperate to work, allowed him to start his own business. His name was Victor. She had just designed a window bird feeder for a mother’s day gift from scrap wood she had. So she taught him to make more, took them to garden centers, and sold them to friends and family. The feeders took off and are so popular as a gift in Port Elizabeth. He is now full-time employed and busy training and helping other people as they grow in sales.


  • Choose a sunny window where you see birds already
  • Clean the area of the window where you want to stick it
  • Clean and wet the suckers
  • Press the feeder against the window so all the suckers are flat and the air is out
  • Place it high above windowsills for cats not to reach it
  • Fill with seeds provided
  • Keep the seeds in a 500 ml bottle for easy filling

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The Window Birdfeeder from Victory Feeders is another proudly South-African product.


13.5 x 7 x 21 cm




Weight 2.35 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 7 × 21 cm

Rustic Red, Hunter's Green


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